The rain smacked against the windshield in deafening, angry punches. I gave up trying to listen to the radio over the screeching wind and pounding on the roof, and sat in the muted isolation of the car, staring through the glass. I was parked just across the street from the train station, but there was no… Read More

Gaslighting is saying something and un-saying it at the same time. Gaslighting is “I didn’t hurt your feelings when I spent your birthday with a hooker in Vegas, you just have impossible standards.” “I’m not a liar because you just caught me in a lie. I just made a series of statements you interpreted to… Read More

You have to let go of the notion that love can happen in an instant. Attraction can happen, lust can happen, curiosity can happen, but love is a slow growing moss that leaves you slimy and damp as you are slowly engulfed.    Wine without time is just hot grape juice, love without time is… Read More

He used love letters and mix tapes to sweep me off my feet and a car trip to beat me with the broom. When we met I was 20 and we lived three hours apart, the fact that I was not super broken up with my boyfriend left him undaunted. After a mere one month of… Read More

Live the way you want the movie of your life to be. Be dangerous, but learn your freaking lesson. Stray, but come back to true. Be ridiculous, then serious enough to stay alive for a long time. Brave. Cool. Beautiful all along but unnoticed because you wore glasses and a ponytail. Make Sandra Bullock call… Read More

I used to work with this guy who had to be on the other side of every conversation, so everything felt like an argument. Every day he would saunter over to my desk like a cockroach wearing an ill-fitting suit, squinting through his cloud of negativity, and describe another reason the Universe was out to… Read More

My son announced the other day that he was never going to get married.  The haughty proclamation is his preferred method of conversation, a whiney squeal a close second.  Because he is 4, most of my responses to his polite inquiry are unsatisfying to him in that they range from mocking laughter to raging hostility.… Read More