It was early on.  So early, in fact, that a bad sign would have had to whack me in the face to get my attention.  We were newly dating, so glitter and rainbows sprang from and around us, as they do. I was so sure that everything was wonderful, so I never even turned my… Read More

“You think you’re better than me” he growled into the phone, failing in his attempt not to sound like a jealous crybaby. It was the fifth call today, and I was too nervous and busy at my new job to entertain his bruised ego.  “You think you’re too good for me right, like I’m not….” … Read More

My explosive, illusion-destroying relationship was still convulsing in death throes at my feet.  Pulling myself out of it was like writhing in a bathtub of barbed wire, every movement towards freedom cut and slashed, making the sane and irrational indistinguishable. I was bloody and battered, still reeling from the confusion of lies and mental abuse… Read More

In the late 70’s Donny Osmond was my first sweet spoonful of passion with a sprinkle of obsession, wrapped in a fringed leather vest. Many of my young nights were spent angrily trying to silence  the voice in my head that said he would not show up on my driveway and proclaim his adoration since… Read More

Everything in the dim office was the same shade of soul-crushing mustard tan, from the ancient wall-to-wall carpeting to the file cabinets haphazardly half-blocking the windows, which were covered by drawn, sunlight-swallowing, brown roll-up shades.  There were six rectangle desks jammed side by side into the stale room, each sloppily covered by piles of papers,… Read More

“Terrible.” Brad spoke like he was on the verge of falling into a coma, in a droning monotone that sucked the charisma out of the air for thirty blocks. “Just sting the music at the end” I said, rubbing the skin on my forehead, “and stop complaining.” “It’s a crappy song” he said, because he… Read More

He got down on one knee, just like he was supposed to, and as the words came from his lips, “…marry me?”  I knew I could make it. “I’ll just do the wedding,” I told myself, “then I’ll divorce him. Yes. That will work.” Dad had chosen him, taken him under his wing, groomed him… Read More

“Brendan will come get them, he’ll graduate in a few months” Mom coaxed as she pushed the boxes through the front door with her foot, one after the other. “My new place is too small and you have this huge house, you won’t even notice they’re here.” The tone in her voice revealed that she… Read More

I couldn’t tell if the explosive thuds were things being thrown around the room or body parts stumbling and bumping into the wall between us. The plaster was as thin as onion skin, and prone to revealing things better left hidden. This was one of those things. Gina was in the next room of our… Read More

I adored him with the shiny, puffy-sticker resiliency of an eighth grader.  Made into matter my love was rock candy, pure and sharp and sweet beyond logic. I looked to our destined future together which seemed already set in motion. “You guys were HOLDING HANDS” squealed Claudia, “Open Arms is your song now!” she gushed,… Read More