thDon’t you think Bruce Banner gets frustrated looking at all the clothes his transformations into The Hulk ruined? Those chinos don’t buy themselves from Old Navy, he’s got to pay for them! Grrrrrr Hulk MAD!

But, comforted by the knowledge that when people try and push up on him he can turn into a giant green badass, he takes out his sewing basket and mends the tattered legs of his pants, again.

Growth is messy, change pisses off people for forty miles in every direction, and catharsis will leave a rash you wouldn’t believe. This is the collateral damage involved in becoming awesome.

We are all on this overfilled waterbed together, and you can’t move without everyone else feeling the wave. So, you won’t hear applause as you jump up and down, striving for strength and clarity, because someone will get seasick and tell you to cut it out. Maybe they’ll tell you that lying perfectly motionless is the way, and that rolling around playing Titanic is not as fun as it sounds. But it totally is, and you know it.

Yell, question and push back. Let your giant green monster rule if it gets you where you want to be and keeps everyone else out of the way. Later there will be time to darn the holes in the fabric and re-build the nursing home you burned down. The important thing is to not give in to anyone’s idea of who you are and how you should live and what color chinos you should ruin.

Let Bruce Banner rely on his inner Hulk to save the day in dramatic slow motion, use yours as a gatekeeper, compass and point-maker. When the smoke clears and you find yourself, again, ironing a Grateful Dead patch onto your jeans to hold them together, it will be a badge of green victory.

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