I looked around at the stragglers outside the small venue on the even smaller street on the Lower East Side. It was one of those cool summer New York City nights, and the sidewalk air offered a respite from the humid, smokey din of the band raging inside.  People were standing in small clusters laughing… Read More

I wanted my old name for my new life. I never wanted to change my name in the first place. I assumed my wedding ring and forced celibacy was evidence enough of my marriage, why did I also have to trade in my individuality, like after my original life I was contractually obligated to make… Read More

As much as I enjoy listening to excuses, I had heard about all I could take from him. “You were hitting on her.” “But she has a boyfriend.” “That doesn’t change that you were hitting on her. In front of me.” “But she has a boyfriend.” I felt the rage boiling inside me, I looked… Read More

The first sign of trouble was when I answered the door and read “I’ve made a terrible mistake” scrolling across the retinas of his startled eyes like a flashing news crawl on the giant screen in Time’s Square. We met months ago at a party, his friends and mine overlapping in a raucous blur, ending… Read More

I have always been a writer. I didn’t call myself a writer, if I mentioned my writing I could never answer the question “What do you write?” without sounding like a brooding angst-ridden child, a misunderstood teen or a dreamy adult wearing glitter and bunny slippers. “Oh you know, just stuff” I would say if… Read More

The decision to sling-shot him from my life was not a difficult one. Although we had some low budget dinner dates and walks around the city he wore a tortured artist persona (minus any evidence of art) like a smelly pea coat, forcing gloom onto even the brightest of situations, and it made me weary. … Read More

When Tammi Saccoman watched the Menendez murder trial in 1990, she noticed that gentle soul/murderer Erik seemed sad.  Sure, there were all those “you killed your parents” accusations to contend with, but there was something in his eyes that revealed more than the fear that in prison he wouldn’t be able mourn with a nation… Read More

She smiled broadly, which seemed strange against the background noise of my angry rant. I had just gotten the news that the first fancy, formal dance at my college had sold out of tickets before my boyfriend could secure them for us. I was mad he had blown what I imagined would be a super… Read More

“Happiness is better than art” declares her idiot singing tutor, releasing vulnerable-as-a-baby-doe Ingrid Bergman to run off and marry the passionate and dashing Charles Boyer, a man she met five minutes ago.  Handsome as Satan in a top hat, he sweeps her off her feet and into her dead aunt’s swanky apartment. His high cheekbones… Read More

Like the chicken in the electric orange sauce I am sweet and sour, manifested in the less delicious Smart and Stupid.  I can hold down complex and high-pressure jobs, sparkle conversation like a frayed wire, strap on responsibility like a purple Jansport backpack while playing the glockenspiel in a marching band.  And then I can… Read More